Internet filmmaker James finds himself teleported into the world of his digital creations, while his doppelganger with a portal gun has infiltrated his real life friend group. Can James rally his original characters to save their world - and his?

Vireality is a sci-fi action comedy with brilliant special effects and a few surprises. It's written by James Strecker and Ted Kendrick, directed and edited by James Strecker and starring Nick Rylands, Jon Freeman, Scott Steele, Joe Scott, Will Violette, James Strecker, James T. Strecker, and James P. Strecker.

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At the height of the action and intrigue, Vireality explodes into a big Hollywood musical number. The video clips here will give you a sense of the energy and style you can expect. (Neither Mike Myers nor OK GO are actually appearing in this movie.)






We need cultural dancers, acrobats, jugglers, and costumed characters to give the scene the right amount of whimsy and spectacle.

Filming will take place Oct. 27 in the Eugene, Oregon area (final location dependent on weather).

if you are interested in performing!


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