5 great reasons to pursue a healthy lifestyle as a couple

April 22, 2018


Exercise and good nutrition don’t have to be solo ventures. Here’s what we’ve learned about teaming up throughout 34 years of togetherness: 

1. You motivate each other. Toward the end of 80 Day Obsession, I was visiting my dad, so Tom and I had to do our workouts separately. The challenge was 10 rounds of Cardio Flow in a row, and we had never gotten through more than 3 rounds before needing to take a break. Tom did his workout first, and posted that he had done all 10! The bar was set. I knew I had to go for it and do all 10 as well. And I did! If he hadn’t challenged me, I would have wimped out for sure.

2. You always have something to talk about. No more awkward silences - we can always compare which muscles are sore that day, celebrate each other’s non-scale victories, discuss which new recipe from this week’s menu was the best, point out ways we can improve our form, and make plans for next week’s meals or talk about which workout program to do next. We’re never at a loss for topics of conversation!

3. You have a common interest. We get so distracted by work and social life that we sometimes forget that we’re together because we enjoy each other’s company. Pursuing a healthy lifestyle means you spend time together doing positive, productive things that create good feelings and make you appreciate your partner.

4. You invest equally in the work. At least 70% of the effort in living a healthy lifestyle involves food: planning menus, grocery shopping, meal prep, cooking - and when you’re both committed to eating healthy, you share the load. We always have WAY more success sticking to a nutrition plan and getting results when we both take responsibility for our food intake.

5. You both stink at the same time. Deciding to work out together makes you sync your schedules and possibly change up your daily routines for the sake of your goals. Fitness is the basis for being healthy in ALL aspects of your life - emotionally, spiritually, mentally, socially, everything - and so committing to work on your fitness together means you’re going to improve in so many other realms as well. So get stinky together, shower off and feel great together, and then face your day arm in arm, united in your pursuit of the life you’ve imagined together! 


We’re starting our next round of 80 Day Obsession on April 30 - and we would LOVE for more couples to join our virtual accountability group! Message me on Facebook or Instagram for more info ASAP. 


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