The great motivator (for me, anyway)

January 23, 2018

I did SO WELL with eating clean and exercising last week (lost 5 pounds, too!) but with my schedule this week, that train has jumped the tracks.


Getting back into better habits today ... Cafe Latte shake in hand. There's a feeling you get when you treat your body well, and I want that feeling back. It's not just that lean lightness that happens when you lose the bloat. It's an emotion, and the closest one I can describe is pride.


Eating healthy and working out is HARD. Sticking to a plan that requires lifestyle change is HARD. Taking action to become a different person - a better person - is HARD.


When you start doing those things, you surprise yourself. You realize you can do stuff. And I'm not just talking tuck jumps - I'm talking ANY stuff you might not have been doing before, like striking up a conversation with a stranger, buying that trendy outfit, changing your hairstyle ... daring to become something more than your current self.


So pride, self-respect, confidence, whatever you want to call it - THAT is what motivates me to get more fit. There is no limit to the person I can become! And I can't wait to make more progress on that journey.



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