Have you ever wanted to be in business for yourself?

January 23, 2018


Tom and I used to come up with great business ideas. We once thought about marketing playhouse kits made of PVC pipe and ripstop nylon fabric. We planned out menus for our own pizza place. We invented an independent food delivery service decades before Grub Hub or Uber Eats. We'd talk through these awesome concepts, flesh them out, research markets and competitors and startup costs, even start writing out business plans ... but we never actually started any of them because they were "too risky."


When you have next to nothing to invest, you can't afford to lose a penny, right?


It's so funny how everything comes around full circle. Now half of what I do for a living involves actually HELPING people start and grow their own businesses - and I feel really, really good that I don't have to persuade anyone to make a risky investment. AT ALL.


I started my Geek-Physique business in 2009 with less than $170. That cost went toward a month's worth of nutritional shakes I had never tried, and some marketing tools on DVD for getting the word out about what I had to offer. I drank the shakes myself and handed out the DVDs, felt great, made a profit within my first 6 weeks and never looked back.


Now I think back to those days and I have to laugh - it is a WHOLE different ballgame! For that same startup cost - less than $170 - people are getting THOUSANDS of dollars worth of fitness and nutrition tools for their own personal use plus endless resources for growing their businesses.


What completely blows my mind is that even that tiny expenditure of $170 is never at risk of being lost. The company will refund 100% of that startup fee upon request, if anyone decides it's not the right fit for them.


And what do they stand to gain? At MINIMUM, they get into the best shape of their life. MAXIMUM ... well, there is no limit! You get healthy, your family and friends get healthy, hundreds or thousands of other people get healthy because of you ... your income starts to cover your own investment, then it starts paying a few of your bills, then it becomes "fun money," then it's a vacation or a new car or a college fund or a dream house, or a life you have the freedom to design.


No bull. I've been doing this for 7+ years, five of them full-time. I'm always looking for more people who are excited to build something for themselves. Ask me anything - I'm an open book!

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