Editing and Design Samples


Author Jason McNally and I had been working together on editing a series of novels for a couple of years. He developed a business plan for a retail store in the Dallas, TX, area and asked me to look it over.

As I started cleaning up the formatting and making a few tweaks for readability, I realized the entire flow of the document could be improved by putting the "why" first and saving the "what" details for appendices. I asked Jason if he would permit me to draft a rewrite.

He was thrilled with the changes I had made and was more excited than ever to show it to his investors.

Click each PDF icon to view the original document and my edited version.


I'm often asked to help people find the motivation to eat healthier. My best advice is always "Baby steps!" Trying to overhaul one's entire food intake all at once is guaranteed to fail.

I based The Geek-Physique Transition Diet on a guide by Steve Edwards and created a tracking system to help people celebrate the small victories. It's a free PDF, available to anyone.



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