Do you have an amazing or unusual visual talent? Do you own a fun, colorful costume?


Producers of the independent film Vireality need visually interesting performers for a big, Hollywood-style musical number. The scene will be shot to a pre-recorded soundtrack, so we don’t need you to make sounds - just sights!


The shoot will take place in the Eugene area Oct. 27. 


Here’s a list of examples of what we DO and DON’T want:


  • Cultural dancers: Latin, Asian, African, Scandinavian

  • Iconic dance archetypes: Las Vegas showgirls, can-can girls, classical ballet, disco, belly dancers, flappers, aerobics instructors

  • Miscellaneous recognizable things: Clowns, nerds, bikers, cheerleaders, brides and grooms, prison inmates, ninjas

  • Inflatable costumes: T-Rex, sumo wrestlers, emojis, wacky wavers

  • Athletes in full uniform (no professional team logos): Football, baseball, basketball, martial arts, gymnastics

  • Professions: Firefighters, police officers, flight attendants, astronauts, nuns, mad scientists, lumberjacks, chefs

  • Historical figures: Romans, Egyptians, Jesus, pirates, cowboys, Vikings

  • Holiday symbols: Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Uncle Sam, pilgrims, leprechauns

  • Animals: Gorillas, bears, sharks, bumblebees, pantomime horses

  • Musicians/bands: Hair metal groups, brass quintets, mariachi bands, steel drum bands, punk rock groups, symphony conductors


  • Scary or gruesome characters: Zombies, witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts. No blood or gore.

  • Trademarked characters: DC or Marvel heroes, cartoon characters, Star Trek/Star Wars, Pokemon, Disney, anime

  • Brand names or products

  • Celebrity impersonators

  • Nondescript “silly” or “crazy” outfits

  • Robots, knights, or camo-wearing soldiers

  • Last-minute half-assed thrift store outfits

  • Offensive or inappropriate costumes. Producers reserve the right to decide what constitutes offensive or inappropriate.

To submit a photo of your costume or character for consideration, 

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